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We are an expert in Gamification Strategy, because we love tricks, excitements and winning. There are brands out there that indulge consumers into massive consumption and they feel proud being part of it. This is gamification.


Gamification applies to all businesses and industries, internal and external. You have a Business Goal, we create the Unforgettable Experience, achieve a Domino Effect and lead to a viral brand and client base.


Check out our Gamification Plan.




Starting at $15K

May Include

  • Branding

  • Game Design

  • Budgeting

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Game Plan Coordination

Starting at $25K

May Include

  • Finding Sponsor

  • Coordinate Stakeholders

  • Game Plan Testing

  • Execution Plan

  • Milestone

  • Risk Evaluation

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Game Plan Execution

Starting at $50K

May Include

  • Website Design

  • Social Media Promotion

  • Event Management

  • Recruit Event Staff 

  • Risk Management

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